Getting Three Car Seats in One Car – Yes, You Can

3inrowCar passenger safety is pretty simple; you just need to have a car with safety features such as a seatbelt, SRS Airbags, anti-collision sensors and ABS brakes – most of these features are standard, and car manufacturing companies are required to install them into their units by law. That, and if you drive carefully, you’re already safe. However, these standard safety specs are meant for adult passengers; for youngsters, there need to be additional security measures, and that’s where car seats come in.

In the US, there are pretty stringent laws that require you to seat your child in car seats that are meant for their age weight and size. Typically, there are three tiers of car seats that your child is required to sit through before they’re big enough to be safely harnessed by the car’s seatbelts. The first car seat is known as an infant car seat; a rear facing car seat that can accommodate your child up till the age of 2-3 or up till they weigh about 35 pounds, after which you move them into the convertible seat which is a front facing seat. Once they grow out of that, you’ll have to start looking for a booster seat. These are used till they can sit in the stock seat properly; however, in some states such as Florida, the law doesn’t require you to use the booster seat.

One of the most common questions that parents when looking for car seats ask is whether it’s possible to fit three car seats across the backseat of their vehicle. The truth of the matter is that this depends on the kind of car you drive; naturally, if you have a spacious car, it’ll be easier for you to manage three car seats across the back. The fact remains, however, that it is possible. If you’re looking for a car to buy, then you might want to talk to the salesman about how you have three kids that you wish to seat safely in the back of your car. Perhaps this is why minivans are so popular with soccer moms, and if you do have a car already, rest assured, there’s still hope! Car seat manufacturers are kind enough to make sets of car seats that are designed so that they can be placed next to each other in the backseat of most cars that seat five people. So unless you drive one of those mini Japanese cars that seat four people at best, you shouldn’t have this problem.

Think of it this way, if your vehicle can seat three healthy adults in the back, it can also host three car seats for your kids to ride in. This should save you the trouble of fiddling around in your vehicle with a measuring tape and then arguing with the store clerk with a note of your precise car measurements.

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