The car seat you choose for your vehicle should be as safe as possible for your child. You want to be sure your child is protected by a quality car seat instead of just going for the cheapest model you can find. Finding the right one may be difficult, as there are tons of different choices available. That’s why we have compiled this comprehensive guide on the best car seats 2017-2018 has to offer.

If you don’t do the research and find the best car seat on the market, you could end up endangering your child. You may not realize until it’s too late that you bought an unsafe car seat. Low-quality car seats, when exposed to the rigors of a traffic accident, can become extremely dangerous instead of fulfilling their function to protect your child.

We’ll cover some of the top car seats on the market and help you find the best car seat for your child.

The Top 5 Best Car Seats of 2017-2018:

Safety 1st Grow and Go 3-in-1 Car Seat

Some of the best infant car seats are also made for toddlers. But most of them awkwardly transition and end up serving one size better than another. That’s not so with the Grow and Go.

It comes with multiple attachments to keep the car seat growing with your child. The base infant seat is both comfortable and safe, without being excessively roomy or maladjusted for the little ones.

Then, once your baby starts to grow, you can just add on the necessary parts and stay with the same car seat. This is the only high-quality car seat on the market that is truly made to accommodate different age groups.

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Graco 4ever All-in-One Car Seat

Now Convertible seats usually aren’t a great fit for all kids, but this one goes out of its way to provide the extra cushioning and support your child needs. While it isn’t the very best infant car seat, according to many car seat remarks, it is the best car seat for toddlers, offering unrivaled protection on all sides.

It has an adjustable harness and headrest, the latter of which can move into ten different positions. This allows for incredible versatility and ensures that this is quite possible the only car seat you will ever need.

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Evenflo Big Kid AMP Booster Car Seat

Let’s not forget booster seats. While at this stage, a car seat isn’t as vital, you still need to be paying attention to the safety of your child and providing them with the support they require. The side and head protection for the Evenflo Big Kid AMO seat are relatively decent, but for most people, it’s the price that will be the deciding factor.

This is one of the cheapest quality booster seats on the market. Part of what makes it one of the highest quality car seats in 2017-2018 has to offer is that it can easily transition from a full booster seat to a backless one, and the headrest has six different positions to accommodate your child no matter how tall he is.

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Britax Roundabout G4.1 Convertible Car Seat

If you are looking for something that is incredibly safe for your child, you can’t go wrong with the Britax Roundabout. It is one of the most excellent car seats for 2017-2018. It surpasses federal safety regulation by quite a bit, offering unprecedented protection. It’s currently available for Out of stock.

This convertible seat can go from infant car seat to toddler car seat in a few simple adjustments. The five-point harness is a big plus as well. Not all car seats come with this functionality, and it is a definite sign that safety is a top priority for the manufacturer.

This is also a very compact car seat in comparison to other convertible car seats. Its smaller size makes it perfect for smaller vehicles and allows it to be taken in and out of the car more quickly.

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Disney APT Convertible Car Seat

It may be relatively inexpensive when compared to many of its competitors, but the Disney APT Convertible Seat doesn’t lack in safety features. It comes with excellent side protection, and the five-point safety harness makes it easy to keep your baby in place. It’s currently available for $52.99.

The drink holders are great for older children, who will probably also appreciate the delightful Disney characters that have been worked into the seats’ decorations.

The seat also uses LATCH technology, which allows it to be installed very quickly. That makes it ideal for taking in and out of the vehicle without much hassle at all.

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UK Car Seat Reviews

There is no denying that cars have become one of the most important parts of our life, and that’s because of the amount of convenience they have brought in our lives. However, for people with children, cars need to have the type of seats that can easily be safe and comfortable for your kid to sit on. Usually, cars don’t come with dedicated seats for kids, and while it may be a problem, the good thing is that you can buy a lot of custom made seats that are available in group 1/2/3 for children, and call it a day.

The car seats for kids come in 3 different group combinations, and the group 1/2/3 is the most comfortable, and fully featured car seat for your child. These car seats are equipped with thick and soft padding, as well as a lot of other features that make them ideal for any child starting from 9 months, and going all the way up to 12 years. There are a lot of car seats available in the market. However, among all the options you have, it’s easy to get confused, and today, to make sure that people get what they are looking for, we have created a list of ten of the best car seats that you can get from the market. All of these car seats are aimed at different people, are affordable, and also feel good. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the ten car seats we find suitable for the masses.

Britax Romer Adventure Highback Booster

The first car seat on our list is the famous Britax Romer Adventure Highback Booster, now you may think that car seats can’t any get better, but one look at this and you’ll forget about the statement you previously thought would be true.

The good thing about this car seat is that it offers a side protection for your child, something that is critical for a kid, the contoured edges of the headrest can protect the head even if it’s moving left or right, and has ample protection thanks to thick padding. So, even if your kid falls asleep in the seat, you’ll know that there isn’t a problem because the contoured edges are there to protect the head.

That’s not all; the Britax Romer also comes with a lot of other features. Some of the notable features include; a very, very comfortable headrest that can be adjusted accordingly and protects the child’s head with contoured edges. In addition to that, you also get the ability to adjust the backrest. The good thing about this seat is that the support is universal, and almost any car can be equipped with this seat. It comes in an updated version for a slightly premium price as well, but for those looking for great comfort and functionality for their child, this is honestly one of the greatest car seats that you can get in the market at this time. It’s comfortable, looks good, provides a lot of protection, can be adjusted, and installed in a lot of cars.

Bebe Style Convertible 1/2/3 Combination Car Seat

The next car seat is a group 1/2/3 combination car seat that is primarily made for children of age 9 months to 12 years old. For those who don’t know, this group 1 2 3 car seat is one of the best car seats that are available in the market that comes in a rather stylish design but makes sure all the safety features are there.

Now you should know that the reason this is called a convertible car seat is simple, the car seat can easily be converted into a booster seat, and for the safety conscious people, it comes with really, really thick padding that is there to ensure maximum comfort as well as safety of your child.

The car seat comes in a beautiful gray and black color scheme that will look good in almost any sort of car that is available in the market, and in addition to the fabulous color combination, the actual seat is made out of high-quality material. The car seat can also be adjusted making sure that children of varying physiques can easily fit in without any issue. The car seat provides side impact protection and comes loaded with EPP foam, and for those who don’t know, EPP foam is a type of foam that can absorb and dissipate shock and energy without letting it reach the driver’s head.

Overall, this is a great car seat for the price you’re paying for it, and won’t disappoint.

Graco Milestone All-in-One Car Seat

The next car seat on the list is the famous Graco Milestone All-in-One Car Seat, easily one of the greatest car seats you can buy in the market right now.

As you may or may not have noticed, the 1/2/3 group car seats have become a lot more famous than they used to be in the early days, and same is the case with this car seat. Now, for those wondering, this car seat does come with an aluminum frame, giving it an overall lighter weight, and more flexibility to begin with. The car seat is easily convertible, allowing you to adjust it as per your baby’s needs.

The headrest is fully adjustable, and much like other great headrests, the headrest on this one also happens to be contoured, giving maximum protection even on the sides. The seat also has 4 different positions in which it can be aligned. Lastly, the car seat also comes with the feature that lets the harness height adjust automatically making sure that the child’s growth isn’t an obstacle. For those wondering about the design, the car seat comes in black, with red and beige accents complementing it.

Overall, the Graco Milestone All-in-One Car Seat is a great car seat, providing you with a lot of features for the price you’re paying for it. It’s safe, comfortable for the baby, and a joy to adjust, and can be customized according to your child’s preference.

Mcc 3 in 1 Convertible Seat

Next up, we have the Mcc 3 in 1 convertible seat, and considering how most of the people are looking for group 1/2/3 seats, this one also happens to fall under the same category as the other car seats we have seen so far.

While you may be wondering that this isn’t a car seat that is good enough for taking care of your child, you should be glad to know that the truth is entirely different. As a matter of fact, the car seat is well made with all the necessary safety options available for those who are willing to go an extra mile and ensure that all the safety marks are checked.

The seat comes in a lot of different patterns, and usually, this may seem like a wasted feature, but considering how it’s aimed mainly at children, it makes sense, and that’s what we’re looking for. However, looks aren’t the only thing this seat does right. At the core, the Mcc 3 in 1 convertible seat happens to be a great car seat with a lot of useful features. These features include an adjustable head and backrest, contoured headrest to provide protection from the sides, high-quality fabric that is easy to wash, and easy to remove seat pad for machine washing. Last but not the least, a very thick skin pad that is there to ensure that the comfort and safety is there.

Graco Affix Car Seat

When it comes to car seats, one of the leading companies happen to be Graco. They have been creating some of the finest car seats, and the good thing about the car seats they have to offer is that they are usually universal, which means that regardless of the type of vehicle you have, they’ll fit.

Today, we are taking a look at the much loved Graco Affix Car Seat- Stargazer. Now for those who don’t know, this car seat is on the list simply because of how good it is.

With that said, the Graco Affix Car seat is one of the best group 1 car seat, and in case you are wondering why that’s the case, it’s because the amount of features you are getting for the price you’re paying. For starters, the seat comes with a one hand ISOCATCH connector that allows the seat to be installed in virtually every car you’re looking to install it in. For the price you’ll be paying, Graco Affix is also offering some excellent and comfortable armrests as well as ample padding in places that require it, and a cup holder. Last but not the least, the headrest is slightly contoured to make sure that the sides are protected as well.

Overall, the seat offers incredible price to performance ratio and is a great option for anyone who wants to invest in a seat for their kid.

Carseat Highback Booster

We’re halfway through the list, and the next car seat we are looking at is simply known as Carseat Highback Booster, this one is a pretty nice option.

The seat is pretty solid in terms of construction, and for those with a kid who is always looking for different designs and colors, well, the good thing is that it comes in 3 designs.

The car seat comes with an adjustable headrest, as for the headrest itself, it is slightly contoured to provide maximum protection against any injuries; the car seat also comes with armrests, and while the baby may not want those in the first place, it’s always nice to have them as a feature. Last, but not the least, you also get a 5-point harness ensuring maximum comfort while harnessing.

Overall, the Carseat Highback Booster is a good car seat that can easily be purchased without paying a lot of money, it comes in attractive colors, a lot of safety, and enough features to make you feel safe about putting your baby in this seat. While it may not have some of the advanced features, it’s still a great option.

Bebe Style Convertible 1/2/3 Combination Car Seat and Booster Seat

Next, we have another seat from Bebe Style known as the Bebe Style Convertible 1/2/3 Combination Car Seat and Booster Seat. As you can tell, this again is a convertible seat that you can currently buy, and while the name is quite similar to the previous seat we reviewed, the actual difference is in the color between both of the seats with this one coming in blue, and with a slightly higher premium.

Considering how the color blue is rare, it may be better suited to children who like to have blue seats instead of what’s traditionally available. As for the feature set, what you’re getting is pretty similar to what the other model had to offer. The seat is convertible, and you can easily convert it into a booster seat, you also get the traditional adjustable headrest as well as the adjustable height of the shoulder strap in order to properly fit according to the growth of your child. Last but not the least, the headrest is contoured just a little bit in order to provide the maximum amount of protection and comfort.

Overall, the Bebe Style Convertible is one of the top car seats we have on our list; it manages to perfectly serve its purpose, and provide the maximum amount of security as well as comfort. Making it the top pick for anyone looking for a new car seat.

Graco Junior Basic Booster Group 3 Car Seat

The next car seat on our list is the Graco Junior Basic Booster Group 3 Car Seat, and this is the seat for people who are on a budget, and just to buy barebones, without spending a lot of money on a car seat.

Sure, it doesn’t provide as much comfort and security as some of the other seats on the list, but one thing’s for sure, for the budget minded people, this is one of the greatest car seats available in the market right now.

Now the thing about this car seat is that considering how it belongs to the group 3, it doesn’t have a headrest or the backrest of its own, instead, it gets attached to the stock car seat that you have in the car with great ease. The car seat comes with two retractable cup holders, as well as a pair of armrests to ensure maximum comfort for your baby. You also get a lot of attractive color options you can choose from.

While the Graco Junior Basic may not be providing a lot of features and safety, the fact that it is one of the cheapest, most durable, and well-received car seat in the market makes up for the lackluster amount of features. Still, the seat is far from being abysmal and will serve well to anyone who happens to be on a budget and doesn’t want to overspend.

Besrey 3 in 1 Baby Safety Car Seat

The next car seat in our list is known as the Besrey 3 in 1 Baby Safety Car Seat, now when you look at the seat, or the actual color it is available in, it looks as if it just came out of a sports car.

The seat is available in a very aggressively beautiful red and black color, but for those who want something different, there’s gray and black as well as blue and black, but enough of how the seat looks. Is it a good pick for your kid and does it provide enough safety features? Well, that’s exactly what we are going to find out.

The seat comes loaded with features that are appreciated by parents who are concerned with their child’s security and safety. The padding is thick and soft at the same time; you also get adjustable headrest as well as shoulder straps in order to make sure that your child’s growth doesn’t hinder the functionality of this seat, last but not the least, the chair also comes with 5 different reclining positions that ensure that your child has maximum comfort and support when sitting in this chair.

Overall, the Besrey 3 in 1 is a fantastic car seat for your baby, provides a ton of functionality, and doesn’t sacrifice on the looks either. The good thing is that it also happens to be budget-friendly at the same time.

Bebe Style Convertible 1/2/3 Combination Car Seat and Booster Seat

We’re finally heading towards the last product on our list, and again, we have a Bebe Style Convertible 1/2/3 combination car seat. Now one thing that needs to be cleared before we proceed with the review; the only difference between this and the other two car seats by Bebe Style that we have discussed seems to be the difference in color, apart from that, there is absolutely no notable difference whatsoever, and even the spec sheet is similar.

So, for those of you who haven’t gone over the features, you should know that the Bebe Style car seat comes in the 1/2/3 combination, which basically means that it is built for children starting from 9 months and going all the way up to 12 years. While it may seem that 12-year-olds really don’t need a baby seat, it becomes a necessity in many cases, and that’s why these seats are so widely available in the market. The seat has a very thick padding that helps provide extra comfort as well as the security most people are usually looking for. You also get height adjustments on the headrest, and the headrest is contoured just a little bit to provide maximum amount of protection.

The car seat is fully tested in accordance with all the tests that are typically done, these tests determine whether or not the seat is up to the mark when it comes to safety.

So, there you have it, for all those parents who are worried about the safety of their child, we have listed some of the best baby seats in the market. The good thing is that they are superb, and they don’t cost a lot, so you won’t be having any issues. Now you can easily buy any of the listed car seats for your baby, and you won’t have to worry about the lack of safety or comfort, and definitely, won’t have to worry about making your kid sit in your lap to protect them. Considering how this list is built for the exact same reason, you will be finding a lot of fantastic car seats well under your budget, as well as some really budget friendly options for people who don’t want to spend a lot of money.

It’s always better to buy a 1/2/3 combination car seat because they provide a lot of comfort, and in addition to that, their safety is unrivaled as well, making them one of the best options for anyone who is willing to spend on a car seat. Obviously, the one absolute thing you need to know before buying car seats is the compatibility issues. Thankfully, most of the car seats we have listed here are fully compatible with almost all the cars that are available in the market, this makes them a lot more accessible because more and more people can buy them with ease.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Car Seat

tips for buying a car seat
When you are looking for the best car seat for 2017-2018 for your child, there are a few things you need to consider.


best car seats 2017

Your primary concern should be your child’s safety. You want to make sure that the car seat adheres to regulations regarding child car seats for your country. Most car seats available in your area will be made to fit federal requirements, but if you buy your car seat online or if it is imported, then you need to check the specifications.

You should specifically look for a five-point safety harness and proper back and neck support. Side support is important too, but not as vital. It is a good idea to read up on safety reports that relate to the car seat you are looking into. You can usually find out information on collision tests and how well the seat performed. It’s also good to read what other people have said about the seat. Reading car seat ratings will help you determine how well the seats are doing out on the roads under normal conditions.


You also want to make sure that you choose the right car seat for your child. Their age and size will determine which kind of seat you should choose- whether it is an infant seat, a child car seat or a booster seat. Don’t try to force your child into a seat they are too big for. Even if the seat is recommended for your child’s age group, your child may develop faster than normal and require a larger seat.

You should check for padding on the seat as well. Some car seats come with very little in the way of padding, and it can make long car rides uncomfortable for your child.


best convertible car seat for small cars

Is your car seat comfortable enough?

Last of all, you should be looking for a car seat that is convenient for you to use. The seat may have a variety of functions that allow you to take your child out of it quickly or to strap your child in easily. The seat may come with straps that are easily adjustable as well.

Some of the car seats will even clip onto strollers, making it easy to take your child from the car to go shopping with. This is especially convenient for those times when your child falls asleep in the car, and you don’t want to wake them up when you get out of the car.

But all these are optional features. Not all car seats have them, and you don’t need them. If you have the money for these extra features that make the car seat more convenient for you, and you have already established that the seats are both safe and comfortable, then by all means, get the seat you want with the features that will make it easy to use.


If the price of the car seat is a factor for you, you should know that you can purchase a very safe and comfortable car seat at a reasonable price. We’ve listed a few of the better seats here for you, some of which are quite inexpensive. Going with the cheaper choice does not mean you are getting a low-quality seat all the time. It could just mean that you are missing out on some optional features that in no way affect your child’s safety.

While the cost of the seat can be a deciding factor, don’t let it get in the way of ensuring that you choose a car seat that will keep your child safe.

What Are The Types of Car Seats?

You can’t put an infant and a toddler in the same kind of car seat, and that’s not just because of their difference in size. The shape and style of the car seat needs to be different based on their developmental needs.

Infant Seats

convertible car seats for small cars

For infants, the car seat should be shaped like a cradle. The baby will be able to lie down on its back like it would in a crib or cradle. Because the infant’s neck and back are not strong enough to provide full support yet, the car seat will need to provide that support for them.

Infant car seats always face the rear, so their head would be looking toward the back of the vehicle. You should always position their car seat in this direction. This provides them with the maximum possible protection.

The most reliable car seats use a five-point harness system. This means that two straps go over the shoulders, two straps come in from the side and one strap comes up from underneath the child. This prevents the infant from moving around, even during a dangerous collision.

The seat will need to be buckled in using a lap belt, in most cases. This keeps the seat itself from moving around during normal driving or collisions.

Convertible Seats

booster seats for compact carsIt can cost a lot of money to buy both a toddler and an infant seat. That’s two different car seats for the same child. Convertible seats bridge the gap, providing a car seat that can be used for both infants and toddlers. These can be made to face the back of the car and permit the infant to lay down. Then as the child grows older, the seat can be adjusted and repositioned to face toward the front and accommodate the toddler.

For some smaller infants, the convertible seat will be a bit too big. If parents are going to use a convertible seat for a very small child, then it is advisable to buy headrests, cushioning and other support to fill in the car seat and provide the child with comfort and security while he is in the car seat.

Toddler Seats

safest convertible car seat 2017

For toddlers, the seat will need to be angled upwards so they can sit up. This not only makes the car ride more comfortable for them, but it also provides them with the support they need to keep their back and neck from injury as they travel. In the event of a collision, the shape of the car seat will provide the support and protection they need.

Toddler seats come in two varieties- full car seats and booster seats. The full car seat provides neck, back, and head protection. It usually has the five-point harness to provide maximum stability and to ensure the child cannot get out of the seat by themselves.

Many toddler car seats transform into booster seats, meaning only the base is left. Many times, a booster seat will fall into the same classification as a toddler seat.

The booster seat is simply a base for the child to sit on. It offers no real support, beyond occasional mild side support. The booster seat is held in place by a seat belt. You should only use a booster seat for children who are between eight and twelve years old and who weigh between 15kg to 36kg. Because children develop at different speeds, there is no set age for when your child can go graduate to a booster seat or stop using a car seat at all. It will depend on how much your child weighs and how large your baby is. Once your child is too big or heavy for a car seat, one will no longer be required.

What to Purchase With a Car Seat?

The car seat you purchase may not come with everything you want. It could be necessary to buy additional attachments or accessories for the car seat for it to provide a more pleasant experience for your child. Here are a few suggestions.

Head Rest

top 10 convertible car seats

Your child, particularly an infant, needs head and neck support. Not all car seats have the proper support or comfort that your baby needs. That doesn’t have to be a deal breaker, though. You can still purchase that seat without a headrest and just buy the headrest separately. That could be a good way to save money or to ensure that you get the best headrest for your child.

Hanging Toys

best narrow car seatInfants will be more likely to tolerate long car rides in their car seats if they have something to do. You can’t be in the back of the car to entertain them, but you can purchase toys that hang from their car seat to keep them happy. Most infant car seats have handles on them that you can position directly over the child. That’s a perfect place to hang something for your baby to play with. Best of all, attaching the toy to the seat ensures that the child doesn’t toss the toy away and start fussing while you are driving.

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