Hi there! Car Seats UK comprises of a group of people who are as concerned about child safety as you are. We’ve been through the struggles of trying to find a quality car seat for a good price, and we wanted to share our findings with you. Our collective expertise and experience should ensure that you get the best car seat possible for your child.

Now it’s time to introduce the team:

Richard A.
Richard actually worked with a consumer affairs agency and was responsible for testing products for safety and ensuring they contained the features that were advertised. A lot of the time, that involved testing out car seats of all varieties. Richard was both surprised and impressed by what he found, discovering that not all car seats are created equal. Now he wants to share his experiences with others and make sure that everyone has access to reliable information regarding car seats.

Elvira B.
As a mother of three, Elvira went on the search for dependable car seats several times. Sometimes she ended up disappointed and other times she found a car seat that really was worth the money. Now older and wiser, Elvira shares first-hand experience into the trials of being a mom and trying to keep her kids safe. She brings the same passion and dedication she has for her kids to this site, making sure that no else has to feel as lost and overwhelmed when it comes to car seat shopping as she first did.

Margarita W.
Margarita is a mom-to-be, and she joined our team as much for her own edification as anyone else’s. She is determined to find the very best car seat for her new bundle of joy, and she wants to do that while educating others on her finds. She’s learning with the rest of us, trying to keep up with the new car seats that are coming up and making sure we only recommend ones that are of the highest quality. Margarita also served as an editor on a child safety site and is looking to take that experience and make it useful here as well.

David E.
It seems like David has been all over the internet, working on blog sites, safety advocacy groups and consumer reporting for the past fifteen years. He’s learned how to find the flaw in just about any product and to make the sure best products get the attention they deserve. David has proven himself to be an accomplished editor, writer and reporter, and he is using his skills to help us provide the very best in consumer information for the car seat industry.

Leanna F.
Leanna has already been through several car seats with several children. She has the personal experience that will prove invaluable to our mission. Leanna admitted she spent countless hours reading consumer reports, customer reviews and personal experiences on car seats before making her purchases. She wanted to provide parents with a single, simple resource that would give them the information they needed to make an informed decision as to which car seat to buy. That’s not the only reason she is here though. She also spent several years working at one of the companies that produces infant and toddler products, so she knows what goes on inside the companies we deal with. Her first-hand knowledge will help us better serve you.

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